Video impression of kick-of meeting BIOGOV

Kick-off video with stakeholder interviews on meadow birds

The First Interregional BIOGOV project meeting took place in the region of the BIOGOV project Lead Partner, the province of Fryslân, the Netherlands. All nine project partners were present:

- PP1: Province of Fryslân, The Netherlands
- PP2: Flemish Land Agency, Belgium
- PP3: ADEPT Transylvania Foundation, Romania
- PP4: Territorial Studies Institute, Spain
- PP5: County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, Sweden
- PP6: Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia
- PP7: Lodzkie Region, Poland
- PP8: Mureş Environment Protection Agency, Romania
- PP9: Bulgarian Management Association, Bulgaria

The meeting was officially opened by the Province of Fryslân Regional Minister for Agriculture and Nature, mr. Johannes Kramer. The Minister emphasized the importance of mutual learning about biodiversity conservation in Europe and the need for policies that are supported by stakeholders through participatory processes, in Fryslân called ‘fan ûnderen op’, which means ‘bottom-up’.

 The project managers shared ‘rich pictures’ from their own territorial context to illustrate the complexity of stakeholder interaction and policy improvement process during the BIOGOV project. The group learned about the policy instrument of province of Fryslân through a presentation by a provincial staff member. The presentation also served as a preparation for the study visit about the biodiversity challenge in the province of Fryslân: the decline of meadow birds population and how soil fertility as a basis for improved biodiversity can be included in the policy instrument, the Provincial Development Framework.

With the help of the external MSP expert, the project managers discussed dilemmas, challenges and burning questions, clustered as below:
- How to engage stakeholders – what’s in it for them? What is the road map for the first RSG meeting? When to involve the stakeholders?
- How to deal with unbalanced power between stakeholders, i.e. Harbour stakeholders versus Nature stakeholders versus Agricultural stakeholders? How to involve or ‘seduce’ non-willing powerful stakeholders?
- What is the relation between the baseline study and the first draft of the Action Plan?
- How can we learn about RSG/MSP process and tools as a learning community? E.g. all PP’s make a rich picture on the biodiversity challenge and the policy improvement process in BIOGOV and share this among the PPs?
- BIOGOV – do we take a radical or a balanced approach?
- Is there some clarity on the costs of the BIOGOV approach and the effect on nature improvement?
us on the topic of biodiversity conservation and not get lost in the policy improvement process?

The communication managers engaged in a 3-day training on using video for the BIOGOV project, led by an expert on participatory video. This resulted in a participatory film with the views of 10 stakeholders on the decline of meadow bird population and to collect their views on how to move forward.

The Polish communication manager mrs. Malgorzata Wojcik made a video impression of the different activities during the first BIOGOV Interregional meeting.