According to the Action Plan for Catalonia, Dept. of Agriculture of Catalonia has elaborated a proposal of a Communication Plan to promote the use of biomass in Catalonia. 

Moreover, Biomass Forum, a dissemination event at political level, was organized at CTFC in Solsona on April, 2nd. This forum aims to be a space to give voice to biomass stakeholders and be able to collect the maximum contributions in this regard. Three major thematic blocks were debated: market of the resource;, environmental aspects; contract and financing models. 

Regional Council of North Karelia disseminated information of the project through its website.

A newsletter was published on April, 17th and disseminated to 660 recipients. 

On April, 4th Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia (MoA) in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LZA), as well as the Ministries of Agriculture of the Lithuania and Estonia, organised a workshop on the bioeconomy strategies of the Baltic States, on the necessary education in the field of bioeconomy and the necessary studies to promote the opportunities for mutual cooperation between the Baltic States in matters of bioeconomy. 

MoA participated in a discussion in the “Innovation Region - Myth or Reality” at the conversation festival LAMPA on June, 29th, in which Vidzeme entrepreneurs and innovation experts shared a reflection on the possibilities of developing the bioeconomy in the region. 

In relation to the functional use of land and greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural lands, MoA presented on August, 8th at a workshop organised by the Environmental Solutions Institute on “Greenhouse gas assessment methods in swamps and other ecosystems”. Researchers, remote sensing professionals and ministry experts discussed the current methods and the latest technology options for assessing greenhouse gas emissions in swamps, agricultural lands and forests. 

On March, 2th, MoA presented the topics and challenges of the agricultural sector in the National Development Plan for 2021-2027 to members of the Parliament Commission for Sustainable Development. During the meeting, information was provided on the three main objectives of the Latvian Bioeconomy Strategy 2030: employment, export and added value .

An expert from MoA participated at the Agroforum Mare Balticum 2019 forum, with the Agroecology as the topic of 2019. MoA presented the vision of Latvia on the issue of agroecology, as well as the objectives of the Latvian Bioeconomy Strategy 2030.  

In the framework of the conference “European Bioeconomy stage” organised in Helsinki, experts from MoA participated in a panel discussion about the challenges of promoting the bioeconomy development. 

French Federation of forest municipalities edited a communication flyer targeting elected representatives: popularized vocabulary for a better understanding of forest issues in climate change mitigation. 1,500 copies were printed and disseminated nationwide via Regional union of forest municipalities. 

Slovenian Forest Service presented BIO4ECO in two international fairs: Komenda and nature and Health fair in Ljubljana.