This LAG includes 21 municipalities and a population of 143,000 inhabitants. The LAG is a programming tool that brings together all the potential actors involved in local development, such as business associations, trade unions, companies, local authorities, third sector associations, for the definition of a “concerted” policy that proposes, through an Action Plan, a “territorial development project” by using Rural Development Programmes’ funds. 

On November 29, 2019 Abruzzo Region representatives participated in a meeting held in Tortoreto (TE) organized by the Terreverdi Teramane LAG (Local Action Group). 

Abruzzo Region representatives’ presentation of the Bio4eco Project focused on the objectives and lessons learned during meetings between partners. In particular, we highlighted the opportunities for switching to the production of energy from renewable sources, such as biomass, as described in the 5 actions of our Abruzzo Region Plan.

The meeting was attended by numerous municipalities and farms, to which we illustrated the strategies for the use of biomass deriving from urban pruning and by-products of vine and olive cultivation. Modern boilers features have been presented, as today they make it possible to build small and medium-sized plants, greatly reducing pollutant emissions into the atmosphere and preserving the environment. Finally, also the opportunities offered by the financial support of the European Union, through ERDF and EAFRD, to build plants for the production of thermal and electrical energy were illustrated.