Members of the forum had the opportunity to get acquainted with information on the results of the project implementation, the developed Latvian Bioeconomy Strategy, as well as to receive other information of their interest. Within the forum the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture presented the results achieved by the project BIO4ECO.

Bioeconomy is one of the main strategic developments of Latvia, consequently the vision of the bioeconomy sector is to develop and introduce innovative approaches for the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources thereby developing the national economy, providing higher added value, promoting exports and employment and at the same time balancing economic interests with environmental quality assurance, climate change mitigation, assessment of climate change risks, adaptation to climate change and the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity. 

During the event, dialogue was also initiated with the interest groups, thus raising awareness of the effective use of land resources for the development of a carbon-intensive economy.

The parties acknowledged that, in order to achieve the strategic objectives, priority should be given to allocating available funding for innovation and the development of new products, the processing of agricultural products, as well as to the sector's scientific research.