On June 1, 2019 in Villavallelonga (AQ) a workshop and two study visits were held as part of a project called Forestenergia, realized in Abruzzo by the Forestry Conduct and co-financed by the Ministry of the Environment. , where we participated as a partner of the Interreg BIO4ECO project. Two projects have several shared objectives and the managers of first one are stakeholders of BIO4ECO project.

The qualified speakers treated about the following issues: "Meaning of certification in the sustainable management of the forest use"; "The forest-wood-energy supply chain as an opportunity for local communities"; "Studies conducted in Italy and Abruzzo on the low impact management of forest ecology". 

Our intervention has presented the description of the BIO4ECO project, knowledges and experiences gained through workshops, study visits and shares among the partners, particularly illustrating our "Action Plan". We descripted two "best practices" identified in Abruzzo to refer to and five actions we have planned to develop.

In particular, we focused on the current potentialities in the Abruzzo Region to increase renewable energies, using both forest and agricultural biomass, and on the need to provide more information and training to citizens.

Technical visits concerned the thermal plants built with ERDF funds in the localities of Collelongo and Villavallelonga, technologically modern, non-polluting, which are fed with very limited withdrawals from the surrounding woods and therefore economically convenient, safe for the environment, valid and appreciated by local citizens.