The meeting took place at the Research and Development Institute of Transilvania University of Brasov, and gathered more than 60 representatives of public authorities, clusters, NGOs, companies and universities from Centru Region, Romania.

The objective of this event was to debate how the priorities of Centru Region, regarding Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Environment, as outlined within the Regional Planning and Programming Documents (Smart Specialization Strategy of Centru Region and the Regional Development Plan 2014-2020), have succeeded in achieving their objectives through projects funded under the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, in particular Priority Axis 3.1 and to identify solutions that lead to an increased correlation between the regional needs and the objectives funded through the European programs.


The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the BIO4ECO regional action plan, the roadmap on how ROP 2014-2020, P.I. 3.1, the policy instrument tackled at regional level will be amended based on the lessons learnt within the project’s implementation. Within this presentation, the participants made proposals and gave feedback on how to influence ROP 2014-2020, P.I. 3.1, the policy instrument tacked by BIO4ECO project at regional level.



In order to identify the challenges, the needs, the problems and the constraints related to the "built-in energy" thematic area of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy, the second part of the meeting took place in focus groups.


The event represented a great opportunity for the participants to discuss regional policies and to propose actions to develop innovation in areas such as: capitalizing local renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency of buildings, improving support systems and regional infrastructure, developing sustainable communities and the reduction of energy and resource consumption at the organization level.