Enlarged stakeholders’ meeting took place on 11 September. That was great opportunity for forest representatives ask questions and receive answers from political parties - future policy makers, about their points of view on forest sectors development issues before election of 13th Saeima. There were discussed effective land management and biomass production opportunities in forestry, appropriate compensations for restricted forest management in protected areas, climate change impact on forestry etc.. Forest sector presented sectors’ development vision 2030 in line with Latvian Bieconomy strategy. Particular importance was attached to the designation of new nature protection areas and balance between economic and ecological objectives in forest management.

In second part of meeting participants were informed about lessons learned and outcomes from BIO4ECO project study visit to North Karelia and thematic workshop in France - biomass production and use for renewable energy at different geographical scales. Participants also valued BIO4ECO Action plan project especially forest related part - Action 2 - Effective and sustainable resource management in forestry, which promote sectors long term development goals. Action plan measures facilitate National Bioeconomy strategy implementation and effective land use for low carbon economy.