BIO4ECO project and project study “Management of organic soils for effective land use solutions” was presented to the members of Land Policy Council in interdepartmental meeting. Land Policy Council is consultation board established and managed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. At present Land Policy Council works on development of land use policy planning in Latvia. All land use policy documents have been scrutinized and updated according to guidelines and objectives set in various EU and national policies such as climate and energy policy, biodiversity policy and nature protection, bioeconomy etc. Considering the fact that bioeconomy sectors are purely land based, bioeconomy obviously is one of most relevant policies if land use is discussed.

During the meeting, Land Policy Council members were informed on the study “Management of organic soils for effective land use solutions” carried out in the framework of the BIO4ECO project and also results of the study were presented. Having in mind importance of organic soil management issues in Latvia, it was decided that project results have to be taken into account in future development of land use policy in Latvia, and in evolving of sustainable land management towards the targets set by Paris agreement.

Consequently, it can be safety concluded that the BIO4ECO project gave remarkable input to the way of thinking on future land use policy planning in Latvia, as well as indicated those topics related to land use where further research shall be carried out.