On 6th March 2018, the Regional Development Agency Centru (RDA Centru), the Romanian BIO4ECO partner  organized the 6th International Meeting within the BIO4ECO project - a thematic workshop on the Social Acceptance of the bioenergy policies. The workshop was held in Brasov and gathered over 60 bioenergy  experts from eight European countries: Spain, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Finland and Romania. 

The workshop explored challenges and opportunities for increasing the social acceptance of the bioenergy policies.

The local stakeholders (academics working in the bioenergy sectors, clusters, representatives of the regional and  local public institutions, energy policy experts etc.), got the possibility to learn from foreign experiences and  compare the existing local challenges related to social acceptance of the bioenergy projects and policies. 

The event also brought interest of the local media and thematic articles were published in the regional media.