Climate and Energy Programme of North Karelia 2020, launched in 2011, has served as a groundwork for the Roadmap Towards Oil-Free and Low-Carbon North Karelia by 2040. North Karelia has set ambitious goals for its regional climate and energy sector. It has decided to abandon fossil oil used for energy production by 2020 and in traffic by 2030, and the share of renewable energy is expected to rise from 66% (year 2014) to 100%. In addition, the region aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 2007 level to 2030 as an action of “Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU)” - Network.

The aim of this roadmap is to define the steps to achieve the above mentioned regional goals. The main sectors of the roadmap are: 1) energy & climate, 2) transportation, 3) land-use & housing, 4) circular economy, 5) natural resources & bioeconomy and 6) innovations & know-how. The actions of the roadmap are classified as short-, medium- and long-term steps. This roadmap serves also as a groundwork for the upcoming action plan of Bio4Eco –project.   

Representatives of over 50 organizations and several private persons participated in the roadmap work. The roadmap team included the Regional Council of North Karelia, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and Karelia University of Applied Sciences through the following projects: North Karelia Towards Oil Free and Low Carbon Region, BIO4ECO, Power from biomass, SECURE, TENTacle and CIRCWASTE. 

Link to the roadmap (in Finnish): 

Roadmap towards oil-free and low-carbon North Karelia by 2040

A printed summary of the Roadmap will be available also in English during Joensuu study visit in June.