Last 21st of November, the Abruzzo Region, partner of the Interreg Europe BIO4ECO Project, organized the 4th meeting with members of its Local Stakeholder Group.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Abruzzo Region shared with LSG members the know-how and the experiences acquired during the learning process activated in the study visit which took place in September in Slovenia.

The meeting has also represented the occasion to present to LSG members the document drafted within the project “Analysis of instruments finalized to the promotion of biomass energy production plants in the Abruzzo Region” focused on the state of the art on the use of woody agroforestry biomass for energy purposes in Abruzzo. The study was duly illustrated to participants who demonstrated their interest in the main results so far emerged from the analysis performed at regional level and confirmed that this analysis actually reflects what they have directly experienced in their own field of action (Forest Consortium, Parks…)

Actually, despite the Abruzzo region has a potential availability of woody forest biomass (prudently estimated at, at least, 200 kton dry matter/year equivalent to 86 ktep), the number of plants and the total production of Solid Biomass Energy is among the lowest in Italy and the weight on total production by RES in Abruzzo is 0.2%.

The meeting closed with the planning of following steps for the development of the BIO4ECO Abruzzo Region Action Plan with the active contribution of LSG members as well as with the cooperation among regional departments with the aim to identify tools and actions aimed at producing real changes in bio-economy regional policies.