The Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia and the Regional Council of North Karelia, partners of the BIO4ECO prokect will take part at the Bioenergy 2017 Conference in Jyväskylä (Finland), to promote and disseminate the activities developed within the project.

The CTFC works on reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and increase thermal uses of biomass, through the development and implementation of the Regional Strategy for the Energetic Development of Forest and Agricultural Biomass (RSFAB).

On the other hand, one of the three foci of North Karelia's Smart Specialisation Strategy is “Forest bioeconomy” which consist of forest bioenergy, decentralised biorefinement and wood materials, forest technology and the logistics of wood procurement, bioinformation economy (for example forest inventories and management of forest information) and sustainable multiuse of forests and nature.

Their presentations will be:

1. CTFC: Sustainable regional bioenergy policies: a game changer 

2. Regional Council of North Karelia: More Renewable Energy to Regional Development 

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