The Local Stakeholder Group of BIO4ECO project met in Centru Region for the 2nd time this year. The meeting took place in Brasov, in 27th of July 2017, and gathered over 30 participants, representatives of the member organizations of the LSG, as well as representatives of other organizations relevant for the bioenergy sector and for the policy instrument tackled at regional level.  

The meeting focused on ”Good Practices in sustainable use of biomass and actions to increase the energy efficiency”, and represented a good opportunity to share among the LSG members, the GPs on biomass valorization presented at the international visits in Abruzzo Region and Latvia and to compare them with the GPs identified at regional level.

The discussions and the presentations held during the meeting focused on the best practice models on sustainable use of biomass resources, the experiences of rural and urban communities in capitalizing the local biomass and identifying the possibilities for their transferability and replication in the context of the policy instrument addressed by the BIO4ECO project (Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority Axis 3, Investment Priority 3.1). Best practice models on using forest biomass for energy production in Centru Region were shared by the representatives of The Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster.

As part of the LSG meeting, a study visit at relevant projects for green energy production in Covasna County, was organized. During the SV, the participants visited an energy willow plantation, where details on how to set up the crop, how to harvest, the varieties' performance, and the economic value, were provided. The visit continued at locations where locally produced biomass is used to bake bread, to heat the industrial water needed for meat processing or to heat a business incubator using facilities (containers, feeders, shelters, automation panels), and local software applications.


The regional GPs identified and presented during this event will be shared among the project partners and stakeholders, during the international project meeting that will be organized in Centru Region, next year.


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