RDA CENTRU, one of the BIO4ECO Project Partners, had participated at the Mountain Business Summit held in Tarbes, France, between the 5th and the 7th of July 2017. The Summit had gathered all key players in the mountain industry and had highlighted the opportunities and the importance of this industry in the regional development, broad topics which include various issues such as sustainable use of natural resources, energy efficiency, sustainability, smart infrastructure management, decision support tools and others.  

Several conferences and showcases had been organized in the margin of the Summit, providing opportunities for the industry, innovators, associations and governance to exchange ideas and to establish partnerships or strengthen the existing networks.


During the Summit, RDA Centru had positioned itself as a hub for information and support for entities with initiatives that contribute to the promotion of practices encouraging the citizens to increase the sustainability of their activity and minimize the environment impacts while promoting simultaneously the preservation of natural resources. Transition to a low carbon economy was one of the most important issues discussed during the summit, considering its contribution to sustainability. As an example of good practice RDA Centru had presented BIO4ECO Project, an interregional cooperation initiative that aims to improve regional and national policy processes and policy implementation and delivery addressing the transition to a low carbon economy, in relation with renewable energy use, energy efficiency of building, forest and agricultural biomass.




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