In Sofia the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food – prof. Georgi Kostov opened on 14.09.2016 working meeting for sustainable usage of forest biomass as renewable energy source. The forum was organized by Executive Forest Agency (EFA) within the INTERREG Europe project “Sustainable regional bioenergy policies: a game changer”. Within the project will be developed Action plan that will support the most effective and economically viable methods for support of the utilization of forest biomass for production of energy.

“The project aims to analyzes the necessities of our forest industry, to develop evaluation and the realistic options for production of heating and electricity energy from wood biomass. This should be done in line with the scientific achievements, meeting all criteria for sustainable utilization of forest biomass, and on the basis of the European and Bulgarian regulations” underlined prof. Kostov.  

Over 50 leading experts from the forest sector, state institutions, scientific society, private companies, branch chambers and NGOs, participating in the meeting, are members of the established project Expert Working Group of the Stakeholders. ” The correct and rational usage of wood biomass can enhance the interest of the investors to plant new forests” said dipl. eng. Toni Krastev – Executive director of EFA.    

All statements, opinions and recommendations will support the process of development and discussion of the Action Plan for Energy from Forest Biomass. The document will include analytical part, strategic framework and system for monitoring of the implementation. On the basis of the conducted analyses will be proposed concrete actions and measures for effective utilization of the biomass as energy source that can be financed by different sources, including Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness”.  

The next project event will be thematic workshop “Role of forests within regional and national low carbon and bioeconomy strategies and programmes“, which will be held in Bulgaria in November, 2016.