In the context of Covid-19, for the 2nd Stakeholders group, France organized individual interviews with the members of their local stakeholder group via virtual tools.

Each individual meeting aimed at presenting the challenges, the opportunities and the status of the BigData4Rivers project for the Center-Val de Loire region. For the region, all of the members of this local group agreed that the project could be a key element for the implementation of smarter water management in compliance with European requirements. The integration of digital tools could be an appropriate way to achieve this goal.

The following organizations have been involved in the 2nd stakeholder group: Centre- Val de Loire Regional Innovation Agency “Dev’up “, ANTEA group, Centre-Val de Loire Region, Loire-Bretagne Water Agency, Orleans University, Regional Biodiversity Agency, Regional Directorate for the Environment Planning and Housing, French Biodiversity Office.

The meetings were focused on: 1) the analytical report and the added-value they could provide us in each chapter and 2) the identification and confirmation of good practices. Each entity interviewed shared its opinion regarding the following good practices:

  • Regional cooperation (public research centers, private bodies, public entities) to promote innovative projects for a better management of water resources
  • Water data consolidation

Several observations emerged from this meetings such as: the need to use more tools connected to the information coming “from the field”, to more base territorial decision on analysis data collected from different local entities, to develop ever more links between all entities using data on water (quality, quantity) and between entities collecting data (sometimes the same but under different shape.