On the 19th June 2020, the second Technical Committee meeting occurred, under the project “BIGDATA 4RIVERS: Improving the European Rivers Water Quality Through Smart Water Management Policies”. Considering the pandemic that the world is living in, this meeting took place on an online platform – Meet – and the Leader Partner, CIM Alto Minho, started the meeting greeting all partners and contextualizing this solution.

This second meeting had as main objectives to discuss between all partners the modification proposal of the project calendar and also to review some aspects of the Joint Analytical Report, as to share its state of play and to point the way forward.

During the Technical Committee, the Lead Partner representative proposed a change of the Joint analytical report final delivery date in 2 months, to the end of September, because of the COVID19 pandemic and some technical changings in two partners team. This proposal was accepted by all partners and after the meeting placed under consideration of the Steering Committee.

Regarding the Joint Analytical Report, one of the main project derivable, it was emphasized the role of the leaders of each chapter in compiling the contributions of all partners, also clarified the objectives of each chapter and, at the end, all partners agreed on a new schedule for the conclusion of the Joint Analytical Report, taking into account the new final delivery date proposal (September).