The Alto Minho Intermunicipal Community (CIM Alto Minho) held on Wednesday, July 22, the second meeting with the group of local stakeholders of the project "BIGDATA 4RIVERS - Improving the water quality of European rivers through intelligent policies of water management "(BIGDATA 4RIVERS), in order to involve them in this project that aims to adopt smart water management measures.

At this meeting, the main case studies that are being considered with potential for replication in the context of the next programming cycle were discussed. At the moment, some good practices previously identified by stakeholders are on the table, for example, tools for simulating and analyzing data from aquatic systems for monitoring and modeling water quality in order to support the preparation of river basin management plans with prospective scenarios; the Information and Decision Support System (SI.ADD) developed and implemented for the management of water resources in the Northern Region of Portugal; cross-border collaboration in the implementation of projects related to water management (risks, quality, emerging pollutants), among others. Of these good practices, at least two will be chosen so that they can be shared and potentially adopted by the project partners and that will form part of the Action Plan that will be developed in the first phase of the project.