On 2nd of March the Local Stakeholders meeting and internal event for the BIGDATA4RIVERS project was held in Alytus region municipality.  The objective of the event was to inform the stakeholder as well as other community members about activities in the Interreg Europe programme BIGDATA4RIVERS project, to discuss the water management policies and problems in region, as well to discuss on agri-environmental measures and water protection. During the meeting attendees have discussed the state of the art of the water management and water quality problems in Lithuania.  In the future there are several priorities for taking actions:

  • to upgrade the wastewater treatment plants regarding reduction of the Priority substances, Emerging substances and other SVHC’s in big cities;
  • to reduce the pollution by N and P from agricultural areas and the same to the Baltic Sea;
  • to install wastewater treatment in small communities, which are mostly beset with wastewater management issues.