Two-day meeting of European partners and project teams of BIGDATA 4RIVERS held on 22 & 23 January 2020 in Athens.
The meeting was organized by the Regional Development Fund of Attica.
The first day included visits and guided tours to places of interest in Attica Region (Schinias National Park, Marathon Lake, Asopos River) where stakeholders had the opportunity to see specific case studies on big data management of water, as well as problems caused by pollution.
On the second day, the meetings of the Project Coordination and Technical Committee were held in the area of Technopolis in Athens, where important innovations and initiatives were discussed by all project partners.
The work of the Steering Committee started with the greeting of Mr. Sotiris Nikolaropoulos , Director of the Regional Development Fund of Attica and then discussed the communication strategy of the project. Immediately afterwards, representatives of Lead Partner Cim Alto Minho from Portugal presented specific administrative and coordination initiatives that have been developed on the organization of the project, in the context of national legislation and harmonization with European directives.
During the Technical Committee, Lead Partner presented detailed plans for the definition of areas of interest and water management with the aim of optimizing water quality and utilizing waste for other uses. Then all the partners discussed the technical details of the project implementation and the problems that arise in their area.
The two days ended with a discussion on best practices for smarter water management and protection in the participating countries.