On October 29th 2019, the first meeting of the NURE Local Stakeholder Group was held with the main objective of presenting the project and establishing the group work.

This event has been attended for the following representatives:
•    National Administration „Romanian Waters”
•    Regional Directorate of the Romanian Water Association
•    Veterinary Sanitary Directorate
•    University of Oradea (Faculty of Environment)
•    Prefecture of Bihor County
•    Representative of the Romanian Parliament
•    Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration

Each team member expressed their concerns at the institutional level, and two main problems were noted:
- Lack of real-time monitoring of water quality and river waste.
- Poor operation of the purification stations because there is no funding for the territorial units necessary to keep them operational.

The main conclusions were and the group's starting point were the following:
- The need for an integrated system for real-time management of water quality
- The need to modify and, as appropriate, develop new laws that complete the management of water quality and reduce the impact of small polluters on water quality.
- The need to rethink the way of managing the purification stations because the territorial units do not have funds or specialized human resources.

The work team has been created and an upcoming meeting has been set up by the end of next February 2020