The Marche Region’s BID-REX Action Plan was launched in 2019. The plan aims to improve decision-making and financial policies through the enhancement and integration of the biodiversity theme within the territorial planning procedures. This will take place both internally in the regional administration and externally, such as in local administrations, provinces and municipalities. 

The Action Plan’s methodology applies throughout the regional territory and commits all administrations to follow through on the local territorial scale. This is bolstered by the presence of a regulatory instrument, Regional Law 2/2013, which establishes the ecological network of the Marche REM. The knowledge and representation of the network’s nodes and connections at the local scale support the planning and governance tools of the territory. This structure makes it possible to implement policies that take into account and strengthen the ecological value of the landscape for environmentally sustainable development. 

The Pilot Areas where the Action Plan is applied are represented by: Province of Macerata (MC), Municipality of Jesi (AN), Unione Pian del Bruscolo (PU), Ente Parco del Conero (AN), Municipality of Loreto (AN), Municipality of Porto Sant'Elpidio and Fermo (FM).  

Both the guidelines developed for the implementation of the REM and the lessons learned thanks to the BID-REX Project are disseminated by the regional offices responsible for development policies and by a representative group of bodies for the pilot areas.  

The progress achieved was demonstrated by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Region and the Leading Administrations of the pilot areas at the end of January 2020. Under this memorandum, parties will undertake the methodological process of representing REM on a local scale.  

On February 6, on the occasion of the BID-REX Steering Group Meeting organised by the Marche Region, the representatives of the pilot areas presented how they will implement the REM in the territorial areas identified within their competence, in line with the Action Plan.