In the first phase of the Slovenian Action Plan, biodiversity information was collected for the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park and organized as a list of all species known for this area. In the second phase, this database is being made freely available as an on-line species catalogue for the benefit of data collectors, managers and decision makers. The species list is accessible here  and will soon be accessible also through the Natural park web site.

The Action Plan for the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park was developed within the context of the BID-REX project where an exchange of knowledge and experiences between partners led to important inputs to the plan. One of the core objectives of the Slovenian Action plan is to collate and gather scattered biodiversity information and make it accessible to managers and decision makers. The first step, concluded in December 2019, was to collate all the information. To this end, 39 data providers worked together to gather all the existing data for this area into a single database. The next step, being carried out in the first half of 2020, is to make this information freely available and to use it to identify important species for the area besides those already recognized by Natura 2000.

The Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park is an area of exceptional natural and cultural heritage. The area hosts many rare and endangered plant and animal species and is designated as a Natura 2000 site.  The policy instrument for this area foresees the implementation of conservation measures for the species of European conservation concern listed in the Habitat and Bird Directives. The protected area also hosts several species of high national, regional and even global importance.