On October 30 2019, 50 stakeholders met in Bilbao to discuss the first output of the region's Action Plan - a guide to designing knowledge generation projects on biodiversity. 

The guide has two aims: to support the allocation of public funds for projects that focus on improving our knowledge of biodiversity, and to support stakeholders working on biodiversity information projects. 

Following the inclusion of the Knowledge Network in the Basque Country Natural Heritage Conservation Act, the region is aiming to improve governance and connect the public and private stakeholders working to preserve the nature of Euskadi by ensuring everyone can contribute knowledge, add value and build relationships and improve the link between biodiversity data and conservation decision-making. 

This Network will also be developed through social innovation in order to meet social needs and create new relationships and collaborations. Promoting social innovation requires clear strategies and institutional support. We have the technical support of Innobasque, a non-profit, public interest association, which has been created to encourage and boost the development of innovation in the Basque Country.