On February 6, the Basque Government Ministry of the Environment and Environment Planning, in collaboration with Innobasque- (a Basque innovation agency) held the first of the regional participatory workshops as part of the European BID-REX Project.

The workshop was attended by approximately 60 participants from academia, private business, public administrations and associations. The attendees, all involved in producing, collecting and managing data, gave their points of view on how to improve natural value preservation by means of improved regional development policies, creating a more effective connection between biodiversity data and decision- making processes.  

There was time for debate and to explain a number of good practices and experiences already underway in the territory, examples for the improved use of data and their increased impact on decision-making.  

The contributions of local agents will be used to draw up conclusions for discussion at the next interregional workshop, “Information needs for decision-makers” which takes place in Wallonia on February 22-23.  

The BID-REX project, funded by the Interreg Europe programme and running for 5 years (April 2016-March 2021), is made up of 7 partners from 6 European countries, and aims to increase natural value by means of improved regional development policies, by creating/strengthening the relationship between relevant biodiversity data and processes of decision-making on the conservation of nature