Last month, stakeholders from Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park met to discuss the implementation of the Slovenia regional Action Plan.

The Action Plan was developed during the first phase of the BID-REX project and will be implemented over the next two years. 

The main aim of the Action Plan is to improve the policy instrument "Regulation on Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park" by improving governance and implementing new projects that target newly identified conservation priorities. 

The specific objectives are to improve access to existing biodiversity information for Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park in a form that will be accessible and useful for both data managers and decision makers. This includes developing a resource that includes all existing information about biodiversity in the park, not just Natura 2000 species. This will result in a more balanced and effective nature conservation regime that will protect unique wildlife in the area. 

The meeting was attended by local stakeholders who had actively participated in and contributed to the development of the Action Plan.