12 stakeholders from Basque Country met yesterday at the headquarters of the Basque Government in Vitoria-Gasteiz  to identify the main problems and needs in delivering data to decision makers. 

The Basque Country have been collaborating for several years with local stakeholders in order to improve understanding of ecological processes, from data to knowledge. 

They have made significant advances in the integration of information in a technological platform, the network of local stakeholders and citizen science initiatives. However, there is still work to do in constructing the biodiversity knowledge network, integrating experts from different areas - including those specialised in disciplines not directly related to biodiversity - and in the design of monitoring programmes for species that integrate scientific knowledge with citizen science and that respond to the needs of decision-making. 

Workshop participants identified some issues to discuss at the BID-REX interregional workshop in June and the Basque Country partners shared the findings of the previous workshop with local stakeholders.