Nearly 30 stakeholders met on November 20 - 21 to discuss the criteria and guidelines on which the Action Plan and Guide for the Basque country will be based. 

The event took place in Txingudi, RAMSAR wetland and site of the Natura 2000 network. 

The workshops took place within the framework of the Social Forum on Biodiversity of the Basque Country, an annual meeting to promote communication, dialogue and generation of knowledge among stakeholders from a wide variety of sectors that use or produce information on biodiversity in Basque country. 

Workshop participants had the following objectives:

  • Establish priorities in allocating budget and monitoring the impact of actions financed by public funds in order to finance actions that provide relevant information on biodiversity and ensure the information generated can be reused to provide new public value.  
  • Promote and improve sectoral forums that involve key stakeholders (such as authorities, NGOs, professionals, researchers etc) in favour of integrating data on biodiversity.
  • Improve stakeholder's skills related to producing, managing and using biodiversity information. 
  • Consolidate the role of the Nature Information System and the Network of Knowledge of the Basque Country for developing public responsibilities int the planning, management, monitoring and evaluation processes.

The first day focused on the Guide. Based on three case studies, workshop participants identified the fundamental criteria for carrying out value projects and used the Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook framework to achieve greater coordination and integration in existing initiatives - from local to global scale. Participants also discussed the most important elements to take into account in decision-making. 

On the second day of the workshop, participants contextualised the Action plan within the framework of the governance of sustainable development, and outlined the main axes and actions with the stakeholders.