The Slovenia BID-REX team is working hard to provide access to biodiversity data from the Ljubljansko barje nature park - a Natura 2000 area and the Slovenian BID-REX pilot area. 

The team are working with taxonomic experts and key stakeholders to make biodiversity data from the park openly accessible to managers and all interested public. 

The team organised a meeting with two key stakeholders who will help them achieve this aim. With the Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora, a private non-profit organisation who holds one of the most comprehensive databases on biodiversity in Slovenia, and many other taxonomic experts and data holders, we will double the amount of biodiversity information for the Ljubljansko barje nature park. 

Previously, these data were scattered across different databases and stored by different data collectors and holders. The BID-REX team have agreed with the Ljubljansko barje managers that this data will be openly available in the form of a list of species on their web page. This could be the largest, online openly accessible biodiversity information for a protected area in Slovenia. 

The team hope that similar initiatives will follow in other Slovenian protected areas. The team are also proud that they were able to gather so many experts and stakeholders to work together for a common good that will improve the efficiency of nature conservation in the area. 

Image: Davorin Tome