On 22-23 March, officers from the Government of Catalonia met the DNE/DEMNA (Directorate of Nature and Water) team from the Public Service of Wallonia in Jambes-Namur, Belgium to further discuss the Walloon biodiversity information system dedicated to Natura 2000. 

The Government of Catalonia is taking advantage of the work process initiated in the framework of the new Catalan Strategy of Biodiversity - to improve its information system to better respond to the challenges related to natural heritage management. This includes the Catalan Natura 2000 network.

After different conversations about Natura 2000's information systems during BID-REX's workshops, Catalan officers identified the opportunity to learn more about how Walloon colleagues are working on this and, also, to share with them how Catalonia is responding to some of the Natura 2000 requirements. 

The meeting was useful to learn new approaches of working flows at a regional level, different schemes to monitor species and habitats of Community Interest tested during the LIFE - BNIP and different ways to integrate information to better respond to European requests and conservation milestones.

This collaboration between the Catalan and Walloon administrations was a secondary result from Interreg Europe project BID-REX which could endure over time.

Picture: Namur, Pont de Jambes (Marc Ryckaert)