On 17th May, the working group of the Catalan Local Stakeholder Group met in Barcelona. 

As a result of the meeting, a new interdepartmental working group will be created. The working group, made up of the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Economy and the Department of Environment, will work on the Prioritised Action Framework for Natura 2000 in Catalonia between 2021-2027. This document will set out actions to be funded by the EU to achieve the conservation objectives for the Habitats and Species of Community Interest present in Catalonia. This document and the Catalan Strategy of Biodiversity, will be the key elements to better connect and prioritise the allocation of EU funds with natural heritage needs and policies. The latest version of this document is available here, and will be approved as soon as the new Government is created.

During the meeting, a table connecting the Strategy's objectives and the priority investments of Catalan ERDF was presented. This identified new opportunities to fund conservation actions through European funds. 

The progress of the other part of the LSG, focused on designing the Observatory of Catalan Natural Heritage, was presented. It was then discussed how the information provided by the Observatory could help fund managers to better prioritise and monitor financed projects in the future.

Representatives from key departments responsible for the management of EU funds (ERDF and EARDF) attended the meeting, which allowed participants learn more about fund management and to have a fruitful discussions. 

The presentations and conclusions of this website will be uploaded to the regional BID-REX website