A regional stakeholders' group meeting for the fourth semester of BID-REX was organised by the Marche Region on 27 March 2018. 

More than 20 representatives of municipalities of the region, park authorities and environmental experts attended the event. The meeting provided an opportunity to further disseminate the BID-REX project and introduce the work done at the first two interregional workshops, as well as to share the Key Lessons Briefs from the first two workshops. 

During the event, the Project Manager and regional officers also presented the work being done at the local level, with a brief summary of the stakeholder group meetings held to date, and the results achieved. 

Different stakeholders, representing the first pilot areas selected for the implementation of the Action Plan, presented the work done so far in the transposition of the Regional Ecological Network - the policy instrument being addressed by the BID-REX project - in the administrative acts of municipalities and large area planning tools. 

This meeting was also an opportunity to share good practices on the transposition of biodiversity regulation in local policy and planning instruments with other stakeholders. This means that other local authorities and entities of the Marche Region, interested in implementing further measures to preserve biodiversity, have contributed to the outline steps for the Ecological Network.

Participants discussed sustainable growth, including opportunities for nature-based tourism, as well as smart and sustainable growth in the framework of integrated views, such as environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments, for example. 

Some information about the next steps of the BID-REX project were also shared, linked to preparing for the Action Plan to be implemented and the improvement of existing tools so that existing biodiversity information can be accessed and consulted more easily.