On 10th January, the Catalan Local Stakeholder Group met to design the future Catalan Observatory of Natural Heritage. The group met again earlier this week to finalise the basic design of it.

After defining the Role, Objectives and Structure of the Catalan Observatory at previous meetings, this meeting served to define the functioning and funding of the Observatory.  

This information will serve as a basis for the Catalan partners of BID-REX to redact the Catalan Action Plan. The aim is to create the Catalan Observatory of Natural Heritage as a tool to share biodiversity information with decision makers and society.  

The next steps will be to redact the Action Plan, which will be reviewed by the Catalan Local Stakeholder Group and in parallel, the Catalan Local Stakeholders group focused on the improvement of European funds for Natural Heritage Conservation, who will consider the actions that can be taken to link biodiversity information coming from the Observatory to the criteria and monitoring of projects funded by ERDF.