The first Marche Regional Stakeholders' Group Meeting of the BID-REX project was held in Ancona on the 3rd October 2016. The meeting had the objective of collecting views on the needs of local stakeholders to inform the upcoming project workshops involving all project partner regions.

The overall project was presented, its structure explained and its objective highlighted. Regional level actions were also presented. 

The stakeholders present were mainly technical environmental offices of the municipalities, as well as researchers and environment professionals. The main focus of the first debate was on the project’s expected impact at regional level. The importance of biodiversity information flow to informing biodiversity policies and extending their application to other domains (i.e. tourism, agriculture, regional planning, to name a few) was emphasised. 

The policy instrument implemented within the project, Marche Region Ecological Network, was outlined, and its relationship to Natura 2000 explained. The informative system to implement this regional policy and its possible further development and applications related to other aspects of the regional development policy was presented. 

A BID-REX group has been created in the web-social platform of Marche Region, where regional stakeholders can be updated on project regional news, can download documents and be updated on project progress. This platform was presented during the meeting.