In the last week of September, the National Institute of Biology (NIB) from Slovenia organized the first stakeholder meeting for the Interreg Europe project BID-REX.

 The meeting was in Brezovica, in the municipality that is embedded into the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park. The Ljubljana Marsh has been identified as one of the priority areas in the Natura 2000 Management programme for Slovenia for the period 2014-2020 and is among the areas with the richest biodiversity of plants and animals. The purpose of the meeting was to activate and inform the relevant stakeholders on the start of BID-REX project, its main objectives and planned activities, and to identify the main user conflicts in the area. The representatives of the municipalities, managers and the workers from the agriculture and nature protection sectors, and members of non-governmental organizations joined the meeting.

The process will continue over the coming months to involve more stakeholders and to gather as much information on the needs and conflicts in the area of the Ljubljana Marsh.