The Local Stakeholder Group (LSG) focused on the design of the Observatory of Catalan Natural Heritage met on 13th July in Barcelona to discuss the role and objectives of the Observatory. This is a new step to connect biodiversity data with decisions makers in Catalonia. 

The need for a stronger infrastructure in this connection was identified by Catalan partners after the Walloon workshop. Similar to some infrastructures presented there (i.e. ALERC), this Observatory should help to better connect biodiversity data with decision-making processes affecting natural heritage.

As a result, participants decided that the Observatory should be the reference of information about Natural Heritage in Catalonia, and their objectives must include:
- be the reference of biodiversity data in Catalonia 
- a
ssess the conservation state of natural heritage 
- d
isseminate biodiversity information and assessment results 
- recommend actions about management and regional policies implementation related to the Catalan Natural Heritage 

Two thematic working groups were created within the Catalan Local Stakeholder Group. One group will focus on the design of the Catalan Observatory of Natural Heritage, while the other group will focus on the connection of European funds with the conservation of natural heritage. These two working groups will aim to better tackle the Catalan BID-REX’s objectives with more fruitful discussions in small groups with key stakeholders. Conclusions raised inside these working groups will be shared with the whole LSG.