Catalan institutions with a role in the field of biodiversity information in Catalonia and, managers and users of the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) met in Barcelona on Wednesday in the framework of the Interreg Europe project BID-REX lead by the CTFC and the Government of Catalonia. The purpose of the meeting was the establishment of the stakeholders who should be part of the working group of the project into that region.

This group will meet regularly over the next three years to exchange experiences and needs in relation to biodiversity information to design the action plan to achieve the objectives of the project in Catalonia: the creation of the Observatory of Natural Heritage and improve the impact of ERDF oriented to natural heritage.  

Opened to other stakeholders 

The Government of Catalonia is leading the creation of the Observatory of Natural Heritage through the involvement of relevant Catalan stakeholders both in generating information on biodiversity and the management of funds. The Observatory aims to improve the availability of information on the natural heritage and support both government and society in relation to their knowledge, analysis, planning, management and evaluation. The BID-REX aims to be a good opportunity for the coordination of different organizations that have a role in the generation of data and the different stakeholders responsible for the conservation of the natural heritage of Catalonia. It’s expected that, in future meetings, may be adding more players to the group. 

The Interreg Europe project BID-REX (From Data to Decisions Biodiversity: enhancing natural value through improved regional development policies), funded with FEDER, should help improve biodiversity data management in Catalonia based on needs raised between different local stakeholders and results from the exchange of experiences with other six European regions involved in the project.