During the process of inter-regional learning facilitated by BID-REX, the Slovenian partners identified the Biodiversity Audit Approach as an example of good practice that could be adapted and used as a decision tool for nature conservation in the Ljubljana Marsh Region.

In the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, the Biodiversity Audit approach will be pilot tested for selected habitat types – grasslands and meadows.  This could also be a useful tool for managers and decision makers in other European regions.

The Biodiversity Audit is a landscape-scale and evidence-based approach of delivering biodiversity information. Firstly, all existing biodiversity data for selected areas is collated and prioritised and then their ecological requirements are defined by experts. Then, groups of species are organised into management guilds, i.e. species with similar ecological requirements. This evidence-based approach provides answers to the questions that arise in nature conservation decision making, for example, how many and which particular species will be preserved if we undertake specific conservation measures?

Photo: The meeting was held online

Thumbnail photo of Ljubljana Marsh credit Davorin Tome