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Raising awareness for biodiversity: a new book


On 22 April 2020 for World Earth Day, the Slovenian BID-REX partner National...

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Biodiversity data of Ljubljana Marsh now accessible


Slovenian stakeholder group implements second step of the Action plan for the...

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BID-REX Local Stakeholders Meeting, Norwich UK


Norfolk County Council hosted their seventh local stakeholder meeting on 26...

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BID-REX partners meet in Ancona IT


Steering Group Meeting of BID-REX partners in Ancona (Italy) - 5, 6 February...

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Slovenian Action Plan put into action


The first step of the Slovenian Action plan for the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park...

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Healthy urban ecosystems


BID-REX representatives attend the workshop "Developing healthy and prosperous...

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BID-REX at the NBN Annual Conference


Norfolk County Council attended the NBN Annual Conference and showcased their...

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Basque plans in action


Bilbao launches new guide to support the design of projects for biodiversity...

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Biodiversity Audit approach tested in Slovenia


The Species Audit developed by the University of East Anglia (UK) will be tested...

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Biodiversity information for human society


IPBES report reveals one million species at risk of extinction, but biodiversity...

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Creating synergies


A workshop held in Catalonia created a dialogue between researchers and...

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Exciting results for BID-REX


On 10 April, BID-REX attended the Europe, let's cooperate event held in...

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