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Meet the Partners - NIB


Meet the Partners - National Institute of Biology, Department of Organisms and...

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Marche hosts stakeholder meeting


On 25 September 2018 the Marche Region stakeholders to share information and...

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Meeting with key stakeholders in Slovenia


The BID-REX team in Slovenia are working with stakeholders to make biodiversity...

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Natural Heritage Strategy of Catalonia 2030 approved


The Government of Catalonia approve the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity...

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Meet the Partners - CTFC


Meet the partners - Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia

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BID-REX attends the Libramont agricultural fair


The Libramont Fair is a good opportunity to make the BID-REX project visible.

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Funds are needed to collect biodiversity data


The National Institute of Biology invited biodiversity data owners to a...

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Connecting EU funds with Catalan conservation


On 17th May, the working group of the Catalan Local Stakeholder Group met in...

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Interreg BID-REX launches second Key Lessons Brief


The Key Lessons Brief summarises the main conclusions from the second...

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Inspiring and being inspired in Sofia


The Basque Country example about mobilisation of BID-REX’s stakeholders was an...

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Biodata processes in Wallonia


13 experts met in Gembloux for the first step of the regional assessment process...

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Norfolk Local Stakeholder Meeting


The BID-REX UK-Norfolk partners held a workshop in Kings Lynn with local...

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