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Guide for design of species monitoring programmes


This is a tool for the design of monitoring programs, to evaluate changes in...

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Can IE projects improve the PAF for Natura 2000?


BID-REX project attended to the Spanish on-line training sessions regarding the...

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Better data, better decisions in Basque and Spanish


Now, stakeholders of Basque Country have access to the report in their own...

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BID-REX project summary video


A video summarising the accomplishments of the BID REX project

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Creating synergies with the IE project RENATUR


BID-REX contributed to the 2nd RENATUR workshop sharing Good practices about...

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Better policies to protect and restore nature


BID-REX took part in the webinar organized by the Policy Learning Platform...

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Pilot in action at Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park


BID-REX local stakeholder group in Slovenia meets to discuss transfer of the...

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Biodiversity Social Forum 2020 in the Basque Country


Biodiversity Social Forum 2020 in the Basque Country took place in September...

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BID-REX Final Event


The BID-REX ‘From Biodiversity Data to Decisions’ project Final Event took place...

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Next step of Ljubljana Marsh Action Plan achieved!


The Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park, a BID-REX local stakeholder group from Slovenia...

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Unexpected BID-REX results


Long term relationships with stakeholders and impact on new policy instruments...

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One step closer to the Catalan Observatory


In October 2019, a working group for setting up the Catalan Observatory for...

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