On 22 and 23 November, European partners were introduced to the EDP (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process) and the associated challenges in the Northern Netherlands. Together with stakeholders and experts from the Northern Netherlands, the Beyond EDP partners worked to find solutions for problems in inspiring locations such as the IBM Client Innovation Centre and DOT. This took place in the context of the Interreg Europe Beyond EDP Programme, in which the Northern Netherlands Provinces alliance (SNN) is a partner.

Northern Netherlands Peer Review Event
The Northern Netherlands was the first region in the Beyond EDP project (http://www.interregeurope.eu/beyondedp/) to undergo a peer review. That means that the EDP management in the Northern Netherlands was closely scrutinised, with the aim to improve its effectiveness. Participants went to work in four thematic peer review sessions, each focused on a specific challenge in the Northern Netherlands. The sessions were interspersed with presentations, lively discussions, and a practice analysis workshop in which the best practices from the Northern Netherlands were discussed. The thematic sessions were:    

  1. Keeping the momentum: how can you create new innovative environments and how can you increase their effectivity?
  2. Attracting ignorant SMEs: how can you ensure that more companies really commit to these creative, innovative environments?
  3. Risk-prone behaviour: how can you ensure a fundamentally positive attitude towards risk appetite? How can public authorities reward this?
  4. Broadening the scope: how can you interregionally connect innovative environments and value chains?

 The proceeds from the Beyond EDP Northern Netherlands Peer Review Event provide public authorities in the Northern Netherlands new insight into facilitating the exchange of knowledge between businesses, as well as on how to create a creative breeding ground for the discovery of new ideas. 

Beyond EDP project 
Interreg Europe's Beyond EDP project is aimed at reinforcing EDP in Europe. Many European regions are trying to stimulate innovation processes, but face a number of challenges. That is why ten European regions have joined forces. By sharing knowledge and experience, they hope to eventually be able to optimise EDP management.   

What is EDP? EDP is an integral part of every regional innovation strategy. That means that companies, knowledge institutes, public authorities, and civil society organisations are continuously interacting with one another, which can lead to the development of new ideas. These "discoveries" can develop into strong innovations and contribute to new regional economic forces.

A photo presentation of the event can be found here