The Northern Netherlands Provinces alliance, known in Dutch as samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland or SNN, has been the governmental voice of the united Northern Netherlands Provinces – Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen and the four large cities in this region; Groningen, Leeuwarden, Emmen and Assen – for more than twenty years. The overriding aim of the alliance is to strengthen the economy of the Northern Netherlands.

SNN works together with businesses, knowledge institutions, public organisations and other government agencies in the Netherlands and other countries. SNN brings parties together and fosters innovation. It also spurs innovation with grants as much as it can.

Why are we partner in this project?
SNN has been designated as a managing authority for EU regional development funding. In this capacity SNN administers and allocates central government and European Union grants that are meant to strengthen the economy.  

In the Northern Netherlands, 95% of companies are SME’s. Among those are leaders, developers, early adopters, and followers. Most companies in the Northern Netherlands can be classed as followers, meaning that innovation is far from a priority for many entrepreneurs. With the Beyond EDP project we want to boost the process of continual interaction between SME’s, knowledge institutions and, preferably users, which aids the development of new ideas and discoveries within our region. Discoveries which, if focused and supported in mutual cohesion, can grow to become a coherent palette of innovations, eventually becoming new economic strengths.

“For us the key is to create improvements in our innovation support system, to create a climate in which our businesses and universities constantly search for new entrepreneurial discoveries. The exchange of knowledge and experiences we will have with our partners, will undoubtedly contribute to this aim”, says Luc Hulsman, programme manager at SNN.

Our role in this project
Within the project SNN has the role of Communication and Practical analysis leader. Therefore we are responsible for the overall communication, we will be the host of the first peer review & practice analysis meeting and we will host a monitoring meeting later on in the project period. 

Host of the first peer review and practice analysis meeting
On Tuesday 22 November and Wednesday 23 November 2016, we will host a Beyond EDP Peer Review-event in Groningen in the Northern Netherlands. This Event will consist of four individually themed peer review sessions and a two-part practice analysis workshop. Additionally, SNN will organize an exciting side programme, in the form of an Innovation Café. Click on the links to find out more about these events.