On October 11nd Frederic Pinna, CEO of Agency of Centre-Val de Loire Region (ARITT Centre), the lead partner of the Beyond EDP Interreg Europe project, gave a testimony during a Week of Regions and Cities event organized by the Representation of Saxony-Anhalt. During the session entitled “Efficient and effective use of ESI Funds: regional best practices”, he discussed the approach introduced in Centre-Val de Loire region, its problems and its impact on the implementation of the RIS3.

During a second brief intervention, he expressed the interest to share the experience feedback on RIS3 management through the interregional collaboration and particularly the Interreg program Policy Learning Platforms. These platforms were presented during a session “Policy learning lab: practical approaches for smart and sustainable region”.

The Entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) is an approach used to foster the involvement of the entrepreneurs in the design, governance and implementation of public policies, which results in a more tailored RIS3 for specific regions. Progressively, this approach is adopted by the policy makers to manage their RIS3 but also the ESIF funding policies. During the 14th European Week of Regions and Cities, many presentations have reported the gradual adoption of this new mode of management of European policies.