On the 12th of september the Lodzkie region organised their Beyond EDP Peer Review Event. According to the information provided by the Marshal’s office, this region has been having a sustained growth in the last years and has made a successful textile industry transformation after the crisis in the 90s. However it is still a moderate innovator and has difficulties to engage companies in the entrepreneurial discovery process.

During the peer review, Dominique Foray confirmed that Smart Specialisation Strategies will be used in the next programming period (after 2020). The future use has been confirmed by the Communication of the European Commission “Strengthening Innovation in Europe's Regions: Strategies for resilient, inclusive and sustainable growth”(COM (2017) 376). In September, there was a European Council meeting on economic growth and competitiveness, which has expressed the decision of the Member States to continue with the Smart Specialisation Strategies.

However, there will be changes to adapt the process to the current reality, especially in the establishment in priorities and in how to establish an action plan within each priority. In the report of the peer review of the Lodzkie region you may find a detailed reference to the conference given by Dominique Foray.

This peer review has been done in the framework of the Beyond EDP project supported by the Interreg Europe programme. The Beyond EDP project is coordinated by Dev’Up, the development agency from the region Centre-Val de Loire and a member of EURADA. Fundecyt from Extremadura is another partner that is also member of EURADA.