Are you aware of the importance of the entrepreneurial discovery process? Would you like to learn how to better segment your region’s needs through #SmartSpecialisation? Then, the BeyondEDP final conference is what you are looking for!

Beyond EDP (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process) is an Interreg Europe project that aim at stimulating European businesses, knowledge institutes, and relevant partners to join forces to discover new ideas which would lead to innovation. The online event will touch in depth on the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process by addressing participants through the interaction between businesses, knowledge institutes and, preferably, users, which helps the development of new ideas and discoveries ("entrepreneurial discoveries"). Targeted breakthroughs, if supported in mutual cohesion, can grow into a coherent range of innovations and new economic strengths.

Take this chance to learn about the most efficient methodologies and best practices that will enable you to effectively implement the second generation of RIS³ for your own region. The conference will provide practical lessons on how to improve the entrepreneurial discovery process. A special emphasis will be given to the governance of regional innovation ecosystems to involve all regional economic stakeholders to mobilise all resources for economic recovery after the ongoing crisis subsides.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get familiar with the most innovative best practice solutions to be transferred to your region. In addition, the event will be a great start to network, exchange and interact with attendees toward innovative ideas and solutions. This is what BeyondEDP is looking for: a focused and cohesive support that can help innovative ideas grow into promising new economic initiatives. Furthermore, you will learn about MATRIX, a good governance idea created in Östergötland (Sweden) and implemented in North Netherlands provinces by SNN.

Last but not least, the event will host as keynote speaker, Mr. Mikel Landabaso, Director of Growth and Innovation at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Mr. Landabaso is a prominent expert in EU regional policy with significant public policy experience related to Smart Specialisation Strategies. The event will be moderated by Richard Tuffs from Friends of Smart Specialisation (FoSS).