On 19 September 2018 the Interreg Europe projects Beyond EDP, ClusterFY, RELOS3, and TraCS3 join forces to organise a joint stakeholder event in Emmen, the Netherlands, with the name Smart Up!. The four projects all fall under the Research and Innovation theme of Interreg Europe and have Smart Specialisation related themes.

The four projects decided that it would be more effective and innovative to create a joint stakeholder event then each project organising their own meeting. Think of the added value of all the knowledge and practices of the four projects combined and the cross-over opportunities! By organising one meeting, many more possibilities will be created to forge links and share experiences by partners from the four different projects, therefore maximising the impact of the individual projects.

Smart Up! is all about the innovative development of the Northern Netherlands in Europe. It is promising to be a dynamic event, as discussions will cover optimising the process of innovation across sectors, regions, and value chains, exploring new ways of engaging all relevant partners in this process, and uniting policy and practice. Guests will find themselves surrounded by a creative international crowd of entrepreneurs, researchers, policy advisors, managers of clusters and innovation hubs, and innovation experts. Add trend watchers and guests from other European regions and European organisations to the mix and the party is complete.

Active participation of the guests is requested, as Smart up! most certainly will not be a series of passive lectures! If you want more information about the cases, presenters, moderators, or about the day itself, please visit the website. If you are interested in attending Smart Up!, please send an email to Brigit Zomer at [email protected]