A total of 14 educational centers of the region will carry out this activity to know the importance of the reuse of the water.

52 Primary students from Campoamor School (Alcantarilla) visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Torres de Cotillas to learn about the process of transforming water in reusable water resources.

The Regional Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Miguel Ángel del Amor, accompanied these students today and stressed the importance of "raising awareness among young people about our most precious resource, water, as well as involving families".

This initiative is part of a program for fourth and sixth grade students, with the aim that they can appreciate the importance of regeneration and reuse of urban waters to safeguard the environment and awareness of their personal responsibility when using water at home.

After his visit, "the students have received a diploma for the commitment for the campaign and the possibility of participating in the contest for the creation of a slogan related to water sanitation," Del Amor explains.

Eight schools have already participated in this initiative. "This means that around 476 young people have visited the different treatment plants in the Region, although it is expected that about 750 students will participate", affirming Del Amor.