The workshop was held in Rovaniemi, with the presence of stakeholders from energy projects and authorities in Lapland (e.g. representatives from regional agencies, clusters and academia) and also stakeholders from the other partner regions (Epirus, Castilla y León, Normandy).

It was also an opportunity for the vice-presidents of Lapland and Epirus to meet and discuss about possible collaborations.  

The programme included site visits to the Loue biogas plant and to the Lapland Vocational College’s district heating plant (where high school students take care of the entire process of supply chain and plant operations, including forestry, logistics, machinery maintenance).     


The next interregional workshop, to be held in Ioannina in April 2019, will consolidate the results of the ongoing analysis on the regional gaps, needs and challenges as regards public participation and stakeholder engagement for the promotion of renewable energy, and will address the criteria for the selection and reporting of good practices.