In the face of the crisis, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) has worked to develop the following complementary budget measures to support the regional cultural industry:

- Establishing a €10 million “ICF Cultura Liquiditat” line to support companies in the cultural sector. This line has enabled companies in the cultural sector to apply for loans of between €20,000 and €300,000 at 5 years, 3% interest and 80% guaranteed by the ICEC. Efforts are being made to extend the allocation to €20 million and to implement a line of aid to cover bank charges.

- Relaxing the requirements, deadlines and procedures of the subsidies programme of the ICEC.

- Adapting the application rules pertaining to the 10 audiovisual funding programs under the 2020 call for proposals year to be compatible with the reality generated by the pandemic.

- Creation of an extraordinary €8 million line to cover and compensate the operating costs of companies and cultural entities during the Covid-19.

- Signature by the Cultural Department and CCMA (Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals) of a 2.1M€ agreement to support cultural new TV formats’ production.