At its recent, social distanced 101st investment session, Wallonia’s audiovisual fund Wallimage greenlit two animation series. Together, the series will generate more than 13,000 days of work in Wallonia: 

Anna and friends, presented by Digital Graphics Animation in Belgium, is an animation series for preschoolers of 78*7-minute episodes. It’s co-produced by Superprod in France and Atmosphère Media in Germany. Part of the production will be handled by Digital Graphics Studios, the soundtrack composed by Michel Duprez (Rabada) and the sound will be recorded at the post-production facility Dame Blanche.

Anna & Friends, by Digital Graphics (BE), Superprod (FR) and Atmosphère Media (GE)

Presented by Belvision, Monster Loving Maniacs is a Danish series about which everyone was buzzing at the 2019 Cartoon Forum. The production of the series offers an opportunity to Dreamwall studio to show its talent to Scandinavian professionals.

Monster loving Maniacs, JA Film (DK) Ginger Pictures (BE), Belvision (BE) & Submarine Animation (NL)

Wallimage is committed to providing support to animation studios which, while not without their own challenges, are working through the pandemic and keep delivering successful productions. In COVID times, this is excellent news for the economy and for European audiences, eager for animated content. To be continued...