Project Events

Virtual study visit of Apulian rising animation hub


More funds and a film hub: how ALICE has been the launch-pad for the Apulian...

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WG3_Rethinking distribution of European animation


ALICE partners explores options to facilitate distribution of animated content...

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LSG2_Working closely with Polish film institutions


A meeting to familiarize Polish film institutions with ALICE’s strategic...

Type: Project

LSG1_ What our stakeholders from Poland need


ALICE's first meeting with its Polish stakeholders marked the beginning of...

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LSG2_Big news for animation stakeholders in Puglia


The Puglia region takes action in favor of the audiovisual sector.

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IRM2- ALICE’s 2nd interregional meeting goes virtual


IRM2 showed ALICE's impressive achievements and the strong involvement of all...

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LSG2_Helping Spanish animation beyond the pandemic


Governmental emergency measures have helped the animation industry a lot during...

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LSG2_Slovakia: Animation players express their needs


At their second stakeholders' meeting, ALICE's Slovakian partners unveils the...

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WG2_In conversation with expert Jérôme Bétrancourt


ALICE's Training and Education Working Group gets practical advice from...

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LSG2_Helpful e-meeting for the Walloon stakeholders


Concerns about the COVID-19 crisis, animation industry "new normal" and the...

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