Project Events

Practical Meeting to Prepare for Action


The Catalan Institute for Cultural Industries re-express their full support to...

Type: Project

New Distribution Strategies


A panel of European distribution expert, organised by ALICE.

Type: Project

Well-Thought Action Plan for the Catalan Animation


PROA concludes ALICE's first phase by presenting how they plan to move from...

Type: Project

Wallonia’s Producers Welcome ALICE’s Proposal


Animation professionals from Wallonia push for a quick implementation of ALICE's...

Type: Project

Puglia Animation Day: A Big Day for ALICE


Time for the ALICE project to disseminate information in the Puglia Region and...

Type: Project

Getting Ready for Dissemination and Actions


ALICE’s third inter-regional meeting focuses on action plans.

Type: Project

Successful European stakeholders’ meeting in Annecy


At Annecy Festival, ALICE's key solutions to foster co-productions receive...

Type: Project

Presenting initial results at Annecy Festival's MIFA


ALICE engages with animation professionals at an emblematic industry event.

Type: Project

Apulia: a Digital Hub in the Making


ALICE's stakeholders get the opportunity to meet with the new Apulia Digital...

Type: Project

Preparing ALICE’s next steps with ‘Wonderland’


ALICE legal and finance working group revisits the Wonderland network and...

Type: Project